Magic Orange Mica Powder

Slice of the Moon

Magic Orange Mica Powder, Mineral Mica Powder, Slice of the Moon

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  • Size for purchase ranges from 15 grams to 1kg. 
  • Magic Orange Mica Powder particle size range is 10-60um.
  • Packed in a foil sealed reusable clear, wide-mouthed, shatter-proof container.
  • Natural mineral cosmetic mica powder.
  • A wide range of colors choices.

Product Description

This Magic Orange Mica Powder gives a bright and fresh look and feel to your cosmetic product creations. Its smooth powder spreads magnificently on a white background, creating a metallic orange shimmer finish. It is used in a wide variety of cosmetic applications like eye shadow, lipsticks and nail polish.

Magic Orange Mica powder creates a realistic and flashy look. Its particle size ranges from 10-60 microns is the main reason for the smooth texture. It mixes well with any medium, water or oil. It has a high shimmer factor which makes it unique. This product is safe to use in cosmetics as well as in face painting. 


  • This Magic Orange Mica Powder is brilliant for beauty care products and other imaginative application.
  • Helps you to make your homemade cosmetics and to decorate your candles & oil painting.
  • The best for cleansers and nail expressions.
  • This mica powder has metallic and gleams attributes that will show up delightfully in your inventive tasks.
  • Can satisfy your creativity hunger as it works great for the handy crafts. 
  • Helps you to create the mesmerizing and very creative greeting cards.

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