Ultra Sparkling White Synthetic Mica Powder - Cosmetic Grade Mica

Slice of the Moon

Ultra Sparkling White Synthetic Mica Powder - Cosmetic Grade Mica

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  • 15 grams to 1kg of Slice of the Moon synthetic cosmetic grade mica.
  • Particle size ranges from 50-350um.
  • Packed in a foil sealed, clear, wide-mouthed, shatterproof container.
  • Used for a wide range of aesthetic and creative applications.
  • A wide range of color choices.
  • High sparkle factor.

 Product Description

We have four variations of white synthetic mica powder. Maximum white synthetic micaSatin White Synthetic Mica PowderGlitter White Synthetic Mica Powder, and Ultra Sparkling White Synthetic Mica Powder.

Ultra Sparkling White synthetic mica is part of a group of white synthetic mica powders whose particle size ranges from 10 - 1000um. Ultra Sparkling White has a particle size range from 50 to 350um making it the powder with the second most abundant particle size in this group. Both the sparkle and slight glitter qualities are what makes this product to be unique. Ultra Sparkling White has excellent sparkle factor as well as glitter like qualities, making it very similar to sparkle pearl mica powder which is a natural mineral mica. It is perfect for cosmetic and creative applications. Moreover, by mixing this product with other mediums, you can expect a high shimmer factor. 

Also, ultra sparkling white synthetic mica features high color polarity. It is a super smooth powder with an excellent payoff and pleasant slip. Other than it offers superior binding performance and high compressibility. 

In comparison to the natural mica, ultra sparkling white synthetic mica powder offers high purity, higher reflectivity, and interference colors consisting of higher chroma.

This synthetic mica is biodegradable.


  1. Used for cosmetic applications such as nail polish, etc.
  2. Used for soapmaking and other bath and body products.
  3. For jewelry purposes by mixing it with epoxy resin.
  4. For the creation of shimmer paint.
  5. Added to slime for the realization of shimmer effects.