Red Glow In The Dark Powder, Glow powder - Slice of the Moon

Slice of the Moon

Red Glow In The Dark Powder, Glow powder - Slice of the Moon

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  • 28g of glow in the dark powder
  • This powder charges fast and bright; will glow for 8 to 10 hours when fully charged
  • Mix in clear or white transparent oil based mediums, such as urethanes, paints, varnishes or gels
  • Used for a wide variety of creative applications including, nail polish, glow paints and much more

Product Description

We have five variations of color in this collection. Red, Aqua Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow glow in the dark powders.

These are a set of four colored ultraviolet glow in the dark powders that are the best for a variety of applications including nail polish, inks, and as a pigment for textile paints used in the production of t-shirt art or logos. Colors include Aqua, Green, Orange, Yellow, and Red.

Red Glow In The Dark Powder gives a white light during the day. Also, it is possible to repeat the luminescence and shining process of this powder for unlimited times. 

Red Glow in the Dark powder is a harmless, non-toxic, non-radioactive powder that can be easily mixed with any chemical in addition to giving excellent durability and stability. 


  1. Red Glow In The Dark Powder is the best for cosmetic applications like glow nail polish.
  2. You can easily mix the powder with synthetic resin crafts molding.
  3. It Gives an essential application in the luminous paint.
  4. Added to plastic light-emitting signs, light-emitting plastic toys, etc.
  5. It improves the storage for the case of a luminous coating.
  6. Red Glow In The Dark Powder offers a significant use in ceramics.