Jade Synthetic Mica Powder - Cosmetic Grade Mica Powder

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Jade Synthetic Mica Powder - Cosmetic Grade Mica Powder

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  • Size for purchase ranges from 15 grams to 1kg.
  • Particle size ranges from 10-100um.
  • Packed in a clear, wide-mouthed, shatterproof container.
  • Used for aesthetic and creative applications.
  • A wide range of color choices.

Product Description

Jade synthetic mica powder is a rich fresh looking green powder but brighter than apple green mica power. It is darker than lime and light, more colorful than apple. Synthetic powders are naturally more vibrant and have a lot more shimmer than natural mineral mica. Jade synthetic mica has a particle size range of 10 to 100um making it a very smooth powder with high shimmer. It is the best for a wide variety of cosmetic and creative applications. 

However, these powders are not like pigment where the colors are very concentrated. These tend to be more opaque and will appear lighter than they look when applied to the skin.

These synthetic powders are biodegradable.

The 15g and 28g product comes in foil sealed shatter proof container. large order comes in double bagged zip bags.