Gold Glitter Powder, Not Solvent Resistant, Slice of the Moon

Slice of the Moon

Gold Glitter Powder, Not Solvent Resistant, Slice of the Moon

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  • Size for purchase weighs 15g.
  • Particle size is 1/256th of an inch.
  • Smooth glitter powder.
  • For cosmetic and creative applications Nails, crafts, eye decorations, etc.
  • Not for solvent-based products.

Product Description

We have two types of gold glitter powder; Solvent resistant gold glitter powder and non-solvent resistant gold glitter powder.

Gold Glitter Powder is a non-solvent Glitter Powder polyester powder with a particle size of 1/256th of an inch. The small size is the main reason for the product's smooth texture and ease of application. As a result, it can be utilized as an accent for the eyes or the body to create a sparkle effect.

Gold glitter is strictly a sparkling glitter that is bound to produce the desired effect. No holographic or neon-like impacts associated with the product. Also, since the product is non-solvent, it works best with products that do not contain solvents like solvent-based nail polish. Other than this, it offers a wide variety of applications which include eye decorations, eye shadow, body painting or decorations, non-solvent type nail polish, as well as for arts and crafts like greeting cards, screen printing, mixing in glues, epoxy, and glass.

However, the product is not the best for lip balm or any lip type product. Also, oral consumption is not allowed.