Flashing Green Mica Powder

Slice of the Moon

Flashing Green Mica Powder, Mineral Mica Powder, Cosmetic Grade Mica

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  • Size for purchase weighs 15 grams to 1kg.
  • Particle size range is 10-100um.
  • Packed in a clear, wide-mouthed, shatterproof container.
  • Natural mineral cosmetic mica powder.
  • A wide range of color choices.
Product Description
We have four types of green natural mineral cosmetic grade mica powder: Apple Green, Peak Green, Dark Green and Flashing Green.
Flashing Green mineral mica powder has a particle size range of 10-60 microns. This size is the main reason for the smooth texture of the product. This feature is a common observation upon smearing the product between the fingers.
This product color is more of a real green and mostly considered as leaf green. The shimmering qualities are held responsible for its lighter green appearance. 


  • Used for cosmetic and creative applications.
  • Used for decor projects and artwork.
  • Flashing Green Mica Powder is ideal for use in cosmetics, faux painting, glass works, rubber stamping, epoxy casting, etc.
  • Safe to use for cosmetics such as makeup, nail polish, etc.
  • A wide range of use in the hand-crafts material.