Flashing Gold Mica Powder

Slice of the Moon

Flashing Gold Mica Powder, Mineral Mica Powder, Cosmetic Grade Mica

Regular price $7.99
  • Size for purchase weighs 15 grams to 1kg.
  • Particle size range is 20-200um.
  • Packed in foil sealed, clear, wide-mouthed, shatterproof container.
  • For cosmetic and creative applications.
  • Natural mineral cosmetic mica powder.
  • A wide range of color choices.

Product Description

We have three types of gold, natural mineral cosmetic grade mica powder: Classic Gold, Royal Gold, and Flashing Gold.

Flashing Gold Mica Powder is precisely that, Super flashy! Its particle sizes are significantly larger than classic golden. When spread out on a white surface it is easy to see the individual particles sparkling. It is the second lightest of the three gold colors in our collection. You are purchasing 15 grams or more of Super Flashing Golden mineral mica powder. 


  • Used for cosmetics, faux painting, stenciling, handcrafts, rubber stamping, epoxy casting and more.
  • Flashing Gold Mica Powder is also used to give the of rich dark gold color to your art projects.
  • This powder works great in body lotion, lip balm, face cream, eyeshadow, bath bombs and many more.
  • For car painting and detailing. A good example is the paints for metallic indoor and outdoor. 
  • The best powder for ceramics and glass works whereby you can use it for making of unique, intricate projects.