Bronze Mica Powder

Slice of the Moon

Bronze Mica Powder, Mineral Mica Powder, Cosmetic Grade Mica

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  • Size for purchase weighs 15 grams.
  • Particle size range of 10-60um
  • Packed in a foil sealed, clear, wide-mouthed, shatterproof container.
  • Bronze Mica Powder is a natural mineral cosmetic mica powder.
  • Three varieties of bronze mica.

Product Description

We have three different types of bronze natural mineral cosmetic grade mica powder: Flashing Bronze, Bronze, and Reddish Bronze mineral mica powder.

Bronze Mica Powder has a slightly darker appearance than flashing bronze. It has more of a shimmer due to its smaller range particles size. When spread on a white background, it spreads smoothly.


  • Used in natural cosmetics as a bronzer and for eyeshadow.
  • Used for painting metallics on cars and plastic parts with excellent results.
  • It can add vibrant color to your art and craft projects.
  • For car painting and detailing. A good example is the paints for metallic indoor and outdoor. 
  • The best powder for ceramics and glass works whereby you can use it for making of unique, intricate projects.