Apple Green Neon Crystal Glitter Powder, Not Solvent Resistant

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Apple Green Neon Crystal Glitter Powder, Not Solvent Resistant

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  • None-solvent resistant glitter powder of 15g.
  • Not for solvent-based products.
  • Used for eyes, body art, or nail polish.
  • Smooth glitter powder.
  • For cosmetic and creative applications - nails, crafts, eye decorations.
  • A 1/256th-inch particle size of Apple Green Neon Crystal Glitter Powder.

Product Description

Apple Green Neon Crystal Glitter Powder is a non-solvent rainbow film based glitter powder with a particle size of 1/256th of an inch. This size makes it very smooth and hence can be applied as an accent for the eyes or the body to create a sparkle effect.

Smooth ground crystals with reflective surfaces characterize rainbow apple green neon glitter powder. This feature is due to its holographic nature. The reflective surface sparkles at every turn in addition to boasting a complimentary group of colors that include light blue, yellow and gold. These colors are the main reason for the unique character of this glitter powder. It is strictly a glitter that is bound to create and go beyond the desired effect. 

Apple Green Neon Crystal Glitter Powder is only applicable to products that do not contain solvents like solvent-based nail polish. However, it is fit for many applications which include eye decorations, body decorations or painting, non-solvent type nail polish, as well as arts or crafts like mixing in glues, epoxy, and glass, greeting cards, screen printing, etc.

However, the product is not the best for lip-gloss or lip-balm.