Ultra Violet (UV) Fluorescent Paint

Ultra Violet Fluorescent paint is a non toxic pigmented paint used for a wide variety of creative applications like artwork on T Shirts, paper, concrete, clothing, shoes and other surfaces like glass. We have a collection of vibrant colours. 
The difference between uv fluorescent paint and glow paint is that uv fluorescent paint does not glow in the dark without the aid of light. In the dark, it can not be seen unless there is a source of light. Glow paint on the other hand will glow in the dark after it has absorbed its charge from the sun during the day or in the presence of a black light.
               blue-uv-fluorescent-powder                 green-uv-fluorescent-powder
                    Blue UV Fluorescent Paint       Green UV Fluorescent Paint
               magenta-uv-fluorescent-powder                 orange-uv-fluorescent-powder
               pink-uv-fluorescent-powder                  purple-uv-fluorescent-powder
                    Pink UV Fluorescent Paint          Purple UV Fluorescent Paint
               red-uv-fluorescent-powder                   yellow-uv-fluorescent-powder
                      Red UV Fluorescent Paint          Yellow UV Fluorescent Paint