Solvent Resistant Glitter Powder

Solvent resistant glitter powder is a glitter lovers wish come true. These collections of glitter powders are film based products coated with a material to make them resistant to solvents. The fact that it is resistant to solvents expands it versatility that much more. In the creative world, there are a lot of solvent based products. In the cosmetic world, nail polish is one of the primary uses for solvent based glitter. You now have the best of both worlds. You can use this glitter powder in you beauty life and your creative life and if the those two worlds are one and the same for you then its a whole big solvent resistant glitter loving world for you.
The particle sizes of this glitter are 1/128th of an inch so are two times larger than 1/256 of an inch making them coarser than the non-solvent glitter powders. These are also meant more for nails, eyes and other creative applications. It can also be used for nails but since it is more expensive it is best used for applications where less is needed like nail polish. For body are use the non-solvent type. Glitter powder is strictly a glitter that is bound to create and go beyond the effect that you are looking for. Because it is a solvent based product, it can be used with products that contain solvents like solvent based nail polish. It can however be used for a wide variety of applications which include eye decorations, eye shadow, body painting or decorations, solvent type nail polish, as well as for arts and crafts like greeting cards, screen printing, mixing in glues and epoxy and glass. Not to be used for lip gloss, lip balm or any such product
                     gold-glitter-powder                    champagne-gold-glitter-powder
                       Gold Glitter Powder              Champagne Gold Glitter Powder
                     Red Glitter Powder                  dark-brown-glitter-powder
                        Red Glitter Powder                   Dark Brown Glitter Powder 
                     christmas-green-glitter-powder                  willow-green-glitter-powder
                     Christmas Green Glitter              Willow Green Glitter Powder
                     sapphire-blue-glitter-powder                 jasper-blue-glitter-powder
                Sapphire Blue Glitter Powder           Jasper Blue Glitter Powder
                     dark-lake-blue-glitter-powder                diamond-purple-glitter-powder
                     Dark Lake Blue Glitter              Diamond Purple Glitter Powder   
                    pink-glitter-powder                dark-purple-pink-glitter-powder
                       Pink Glitter Powder               Dark Purple Pink Glitter Powder
                     light-pink-glitter-powder                black-glitter-powder
                  Light Pink Glitter Powder                     Black Glitter Powder 
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