Solvent Resistant Crystal Glitter Powder

Solvent Resistant Crystal Glitter Powder is designed to be used in solvent based products like solvent based clear nail polish. These collections of glitter powders are film based products coated with a material to make them resistant to solvents. The word crystal describes the nature of the particles themselves. They look like ground crystal with a holographic effect. Plus, it is solvent resistant which means you can use this to create solvent based products like nail polish. Because it is solvent resistant the crystals will not resolve in the solvent or nail polish or other solvent product. Creative types can use this in ways I couldn't even begin to explain. The versatility of this product is vast.
                  Iridescent Red Glitter Powder
The particle sizes of Solvent Resistant Crystal Glitter Powder are 1/128th of inch  1/128th, so are two times larger than inch of 1/256 of an making them more coarser than  non solvent glitter powders. These are also meant more for nails, eyes and other creative applications. It is a based on solvent product, it can be used for a large of applications which include decorations, eye decorations, body painting, eye shadow and also used for craft and arts like screen printing, greeting cards, mixing in glues, epoxy or glass. It can not be used for lip balm, lip gloss and many more.