Non Solvent Resistant Holographic Glitter Powder

We all have a fascination with holographs because they are quite unique to look at. We are instantly compelled to look at them. The sparkle of a multitude of colours  leave you mesmerized while they dance at the slightest move leave you wanting more as they invade our curiosity and imagination. That is the real power of holographic glitter powders. They are attractive to those who see it and those who wear it.  Holographic glitter really raise the bar on glitter products in so many ways especially where creativity is concerned. These glitter powders are a makeup artist or creative manicurists dream product. Go from plain to glam in seconds. Let your fingers stand out and be noticed with this huge array of holographic crystal like glitter powder collection. Stand out like never before. These collection of glitter powders are non-solvent with a particle size of 1/256th of an inch, making it very smooth to the touch and easy to apply to the eyes or skin so can be applied as an accent for the eyes or the body to create a sparkle effect. It also mixes well in water based mediums. Do not use this product with solvent based products. This is a non solvent based product.
                  holographic-gold-glitter-powder                       silver-holographic-glitter
         Gold Holographic Glitter Powder                  Silver Holographic Glitter
                 red-holographic-glitter                        wine-red-holographic-glitter
                orange-holographic-glitter                        coffee-holographic-glitter-powder
               green-holographic-glitter-powder                          sky-blue-holographic-glitter-powder
               sapphire-blue-glitter-powder                        dark-blue-glitter-powder
       Sapphire Blue Glitter Powder                       Dark Blue Glitter Powder
                purple-holographic-glitter-powder                      purple-pink-holographic-glitter-powder
               pink-holographic-glitter-powder                       black-holographic-glitter-powder
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