Glitter Paint Collection

Glitter paints are made from the same non toxic paint base used for the Glow Paints, UV Fluorescent Paints and Pearlescent Paints. These glitter paints come in a wide array of colours and can also be used in a vast array of applications.
We have three different groups of glitter type paints.  We have Holographic Glitter paints which give off a holographic effect, we have Crystal Glitter which look like glass and we have Glitter Paint made from polyester glitter particles. All these are unique in themselves because they all give off a different beautiful and unexpected finish to your creative experience.
Glitter Paint Collection
black-glitter-paint       bright-silver-glitter-paint   green-glitter-paint
     Black Glitter Paint                 Bright Silver Paint           Christmas Green Paint
dark-brown-glitter-paint         diamond-purple-glitter-paint      gold-glitter-paint
    Dark Brown Paint                 Diamond Purple Paint            Gold Glitter Paint