Crystal Glitter Paint Collection

Crystal glitter paints a paints made using crystal glitter powder. They are a type of glitter that look like coloured crystals.
Glitter paints are made from the same non toxic paint base used for the Glow Paints, UV Fluorescent Paints and Pearlescent Paints. These glitter paints come in a wide array of colours and can also be used in a vast array of applications.
Use creative glitter paints for T-shirsts, fabrics, leathers, canvas, wood and even concrete. This paint, just like the others is very unique. It is dry to the touch within an hour. When painted on a t shirt, you can hang dry the t shirt or throw it in the dryer for a few minutes once it is dry to the touch. 
Use this glitter paint for your creative experiences and enjoy exploring. Afterall, life is creativity and creativity is life.
            Iris Neon Gold Glitter Paint                        neon-light-green-glitter-paint 
          Iris Gold Neon Glitter Paint                 Neon Light Green Glitter Paint                                     
           iris-gold-red-glitter-paint                              rainbow-purple-glitter-paint
          Iris Gold Red Glitter Paint                      Purple Crystal Glitter Paint
                 neon-orange-red-glitter-paint                 hight-brilliant-silver-glitter-paint