White Synthetic Mica

The shear beauty of white synthetic mica powder is immediately evident when you have white synthetic mica powder twinkling in your hands.The elegance of white synthetic mica powder, is a product of cleanliness. All you see are crushed pearls ready to be mixed with your favorite lipstick or lip balm base. Expect stunning results. Expect to see the bling of white synthetic mica take what ever you do to a new level.
White synthetic mica are very similar to natural mineral pearl mica. The difference being that synthetic mica is created in the lab and natural mineral mica is mined. White synthetic mica is also more vibrant in every way when compared to natural mineral mica. They are also biodegradable. 
As a truly elegant mica powder, white synthetic mica powder can be used in a wide variety of cosmetic and creative application. It is versatile cosmetic mica powder as well as creative mica powder.
Our collection of white synthetic mica consist of four varieties. Explore to find your choice. its not an easy thing to do. Embrace your journey to find the perfect white synthetic mica powder. Your creative journey begins here. Life is creativity and creativity is life. Go get it.