UV Fluorescent Powder Collection

Ultra Violet Fluorescent Powder is a very smooth concentrate pigment powder used in making inks and used for a wide variety of creative applications. The most common of which is tie and dye. We have a collection of vibrant colours. 

The difference between UV Fluorescent Powder and glow powder is that uv Fluorescent Powder does not glow in the dark without the aid of light. In the dark, it can not be seen unless there is a source of light. Glow powder on the other hand will glow in the dark after it has absorbed its charge from the sun during the day or in the presence of a black light. This is a concentrated pigment which can be used in making inks. It can also be used in making colored nail polish but must not be used for cosmetics like lip sticks or lip balm. It can however be used in making paints for art work and a multitude of crafts.

UV fluorescent powder is a reactive and a formaldehyde-free powder featuring uncompromising performance. The most common feature with this UV Powder is color performance and excellent stability. It is categorized as a thermoplastic pigment that offers a wide range of applications in the case where solvents and strong resistance is not a vital requirement. Another common characteristic of UV Fluorescent Powder is that it’s innocuous, non-toxic, environmental-friendly, and energy-saving. As a result, it offers significant use in various relevant fields.