Ultra Violet (UV) Fluorescent Paint

Ultra Violet Fluorescent paint is a non toxic pigmented paint used for a wide variety of creative applications like artwork on T shirts, paper, concrete, clothing, shoes and other surfaces like glass. We have a collection of vibrant colours. 
The difference between uv fluorescent paint and glow paint is that uv fluorescent paint does can not be seen in the dark without the aid of light. Glow paint on the other hand will glow in the dark after it has absorbed its charge from the sun during the day or in the presence of a black light bulb.
When painting on a material like cloth or leather, allow to dry for a couple of hours or till it is dry to the touch. If it is possible to put the material in the dryer, do so to finish the drying process or continue to leave in a dry warm environment to completely dry. When dry, the print is permanent. Now go enjoy your creative life. After all, creativity is life and life is creativity.