Synthetic Mica Powder Categories


We have picked up five groups of best Synthetic Mica Powder which is the component of the plastic-free lusters, glitter and pigments. These mica powders are coated with shimmer, effects and colors. It is purer and brighter than the natural mica. These types of mica powders have a more unique and uniform finish with no sharp edges. White synthetic mica is very similar to gold synthetic mica, pearl mica, gold natural mica and iridescent synthetic mica.This is gleaming powder like colored synthetic mica. It has colored natural versions and dual colored mica.

Dual Synthetic Mica is very smooth and soft to touch like natural mica. It has holographic characteristics. This means that these mica powders of Synthetic mica displays more than one or two colors in a very iridescent and unique way.

Synthetic Mica Powder are very luminous and iridescent to look at. These  mica powders vary in a range of its particle size. Its particle size ranges from 10 to 700 microns. It means that there are some mica powders that will be smoother than others. The large size particle will discharge a shimmer like an appearance and look. These mica powders are much softer, smoother and natural. These mica powders are especially suitable for makeup products used around the delicate eye area. It gives a shimmering finish to the makeup. Synthetic mica is very smooth for makeup applications.

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