Solvent Resistant Holographic Glitter Powder

Holographic glitter just takes your projects to a whole new level. Holographic glitter powders give you more access to other complimentary colour ideas. They present so elegantly making cosmetics just look that much better. Finger nails look superb and yes literally glitter in a multitude of colours. If you are looking for unique, you will do well to give these holographic glitter powders a try.
Solvent resistant glitter powder means that this powder can be mixed with solvent and the glitter will not dissolve in your medium. These collections of glitter powders are film based products coated with a material to make them resistant to solvents. It is a glitter lovers wish come true.  Explore your creative talents with this solvent resistant family of holographic glitter powders. The particle sizes of this glitter powders are 1/128th of an inch so are two times larger than 1/256 of an inch. They are smooth but 1/128th of an inch is smoother. These are also meant for nails, eyes and other creative applications such as arts and crafts. For body application use the non-solvent type. holographic glitter powder is bound to go beyond the effect that you are looking for. Because it is a solvent based product, it can be used with products that contain solvents like solvent based nail polish. It can also be used for a wide variety of applications which include eye decorations, eye shadow, body painting or decorations, solvent type nail polish, as well as for arts and crafts like greeting cards, screen printing, mixing in glues and epoxy and glass. Not to be used for lip gloss, lip balm or any such product .