Purple Mica Powder

Purple Natural Mineral Mica Powder is very shimmering mica with subtle gleaming characteristics as compared to the other mica powders.This is royal powder. A Powder Purple is the best and described as the color of power, class, gleaming and passion. The Purple Natural Mineral Mica Powder do not disappoint. Purple Powder Mica is very elegant and is depending on what you are searching for being in a blush, nail paint, lipstick, bath bomb and many other cosmetic products.

This Purple Powder Mica  has many glittering characteristics. This mica powder is gleaming beautifully in creative projects and cosmetic applications. Get the high opalescent factor with mixing in with your mediums for makeup, nail polish, blushes and many other cosmetics. Make your own cosmetic products with this beautiful and elegant purple mica. You will get the best and majestic results with the purple powder. Find your class in this unique choice of Powder Purple mica.

Purple Mica Powder is the best for those projects that need some level of delicacy and subtlety. They maintain a metallic look. This Powder Purple mica has a particle size range of 10 to 60 microns. It is enhanced by its shimmering and powdery texture with its fine and particle sizes. This mica powder is very smooth when smeared between your fingers. This natural mineral mica powder has shining and shimmer. You can see its magic when applied to your products and when making creative art and work. We have picked up the top purple natural mineral mica powder for you. Browse our collection of the best powders of purple mica .