Non Solvent Resistant Glitter Powder

Please note that the colours you see are a lot more vibrant in real life. So, if you like what you see, then expect to love what you get. The sparkles are real, the colours are real and the versatility of these powders are unmatched. Take your projects to new heights. Explore projects you otherwise would not have even thought of. Enjoy the highest of creativity. These are a collection of polyester based glitter powders. They are non solvent resistant so can only be used for water based products and creative applications. We have a wide variety of colours to meet your ever expanding collection of creative projects. These are very smooth glitter powder with a particle size of 1/256th of an inch, making it very smooth to the touch and easy to apply to the eyes or skin and so can be applied as an accent for the eyes or the body to create a sparkle effect. When used for nail polish, do not use this product with solvent. This is a non solvent based product. Use with water based products. Now go have some fun!
Go get it.