Non Solvent Resistant Crystal Glitter Powder

We all have a fascination with neon colors because they are bright and attractive. Our eyes automatically gravitate to them without prompting. These colours pull our eyes in and attention toward them as they invade our curiosity and imagination. That is the powder of crystal glitter powder. Its "holographic like" surfaces have a lot to do with its unique character. This type of glitter looks like crystals and maybe even glass, and can reflect like it were holographic, making it something to look at. Imagine a glitter powder that looks like crystal and behaves like diamonds. Maybe not quite but you get the point. This combination should make the creative process a very exciting one. Producing fabulous nail polish or decorative eye and accent cosmetics is now something to look forward to. This is a creative manicurists dream product. Makeup artist will love this too and so will the DIY'ers looking to create their one of a kind products. This crystal glitter powder is a non-solvent rainbow film based glitter powder with a particle size of 1/256th of an inch, making it very smooth to the touch and easy to apply to the eyes or skin so can be applied as an accent for the eyes or the body to create a sparkle effect. When used for nail polish, do not use this product with solvent. This is a Non Solvent Resistant Crystal Glitter Powder based product. Use with water based products. Now go have some fun!