Nighttime Glow Powder

Glow in the dark powders can be mixed with clear resin or other clear medium to create products that glow at night. The glow lasts anywhere from 6 to 12 hours depending on the type of charge (type of light source) it gets and the quality of the charge (quality of the light source). 
It can be charged by the sun, CFL light bulb or black light.
Nighttime Glow powders are generally very light cream or beige that glow a particular colour when exposed to a source of light, like the sun. During the day the powder absorbs the energy of the sun and glows in the dark at night. This effect can also be achieved with the aid of a black light or CFL bulb. When the uv rays are exposed to the glow powder, paint or even art work, and even your painted finger nails, it glows in the dark.