Natural Mineral Mica Powder Collection

Natural mineral mica are not pigments and their colours are not concentrated like a pigment or ink. The colours you see will appear much lighter when applied to the skin or in some cases darker when applied to a solvent like lip stick base, oil, clear cream or clear acrylic etc. Natural Mica Powder are unique product used in a wide range of cosmetic and creative applications. Life is creativity and creativity is life. Go find it.

If you want a safe product to use in décor soap and cosmetics, then Natural Mica Powder must not be an alternative. The color and glowing effect is the main reason for the recommendation. It is a fine powdered mineral featuring a silky touch.

It goes that Natural Mica Powder remains glittering forever and mostly in décor cosmetics. However, you can lower or enhance its shimmer by using specific formulations and dosage. For the case of nail polish and any other body care products, the shimmery feature remains forever since it’s in a liquid carrier.

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