Peak Green Mica Powder

Slice of the Moon

Peak Green Mica Powder, Mineral Mica Powder, Cosmetic Grade Mica

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  • Size for purchase ranges from 15 grams to 1kg.
  • Particle size range is 10-60um.
  • Packed in a clear, wide-mouthed, shatterproof container.
  • It is a natural mineral cosmetic mica powder.
  • A wide range of color choices.

    Product Description

    Peak Green Mica Powder has four variations. Apple Green Mica Powder, Flashing Green Mica PowderPeak Green Mica Powder and Dark Green Mica Powder

    Peak green is a rich light moss green color. It is the lightest of all the greens and may even look like it has a touch of yellow. It is quite subtle. It is a very smooth powder, very much like the texture of apple green and dark green, with a particle size range of 10-60um. It's a wonderful colour to accent the eye lids or to use as a nail polish.


    • Ideal for use in cosmetics, faux painting, glass works, rubber stamping, epoxy casting and more.
    • Can be used for nail arts, toys, arts &crafts, DIY decorations, etc.
    • Peak Green Mica Powder is the best to use for automobiles painting, home décor, plastic and printing ink, etc
    • Can also be used to paint, coatings, printing ink, plastic, resins, nail polish and other similar applications.
    • The powder is best for creative applications.