Gold Synthetic Mica

Synthetic gold mica is just as beautiful and just as powerful as natural mineral gold mica powder. However, there is a difference between the two, or several differences. One of the main differences between the synthetic mica and the natural mineral is that the synthetic is made in a lab and the natural mineral is mined. The other difference is that shimmer and sparkle of synthetic mica can be controlled. I natural mineral mica, it is controlled by the size of the flakes. In synthetic mica, even smooth powder can have very high shimmer.
Yes, synthetic mica is vibrant, beautiful and can do everything natural mineral mica can do. 
Again, synthetic mica tend to be a lot more vibrant than the natural mica because it is made in the lab and not mined. Have a look and explore to see which you like better. it can be used for cosmetic as well as creative applications.
We have five varieties of gold synthetic mica powder to chose from. 
Get to exploring and experiencing this versatile powder. Create cosmetic products or beautiful works of art. Bring your creativity to life. After all, life is creativity and creativity is life.