Glow In The Dark Powder Type Selection

Glow in The Dark Powder is defined as the type of substance that provides glow after exposure to a strong light source then lights up in the dark. Slice of the Moon is one of the best stores where you can get your favorite glow in the dark powder for all creative applications. Here, you will come across two main types of Glow in The Powders – which are colored glow powder and nighttime Glow Powder used for a wide variety of applications .

Under the colored Glow Powder, you can find five different colors which are: Aqua glow powder, yellow glow powder, green glow powder, orange glow powder, and red glow powder. For the case of nighttime glow powder, you will find three colors – which are: nighttime sky blue glow, nighttime green glow, and nighttime aqua glow. With Slice of the Moon’s glow powders, you can use them with almost any clear medium. The commonly used mediums with these powders include glass, acrylic, resins, and epoxies, nail polish, oil-based paints, solvent, candle wax or gel, ceramic glaze, clay and many more.

Slice of the Moon’s glow powders offers limitless possibilities starting from cosmetic applications, glow in the dark canvas paintings, resin and epoxy projects, EDM or rave or cosplay props and costumes, ceiling and murals, shoes, hats, and any other clothing, and up to commercial applications.
Resin and epoxy projects applications are simple. Our Glow in The Dark Powder offer an extremely bright glow when exposed to the right light source. You only need to add one part of the desired glow powder to approximately four parts of resin or epoxy by volume or weight. After this, pour it into your chosen mold for the creation of glowing figurines, jewelry and many more.

Make a step of purchasing your favorite Glow in The Dark Powder from our store and enjoy the outstanding results it offers.

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