Cosmetic Glitter Powder

Cosmetic Glitter Powder is a finely ground glitter powder that can be used for a wide range of cosmetic and creative applications. With eighty five different powders to select from there is no shortage of choices from our collection of glitter powders. 
We have three types of glitter and they are further divided into solvent resistant glitter and not for solvent glitter. We have polyester glitter, holographic glitter and crystal glitter. Using this glitter in paints, it becomes easy to enhance the look of your space with the aid of glitter touches, or opt for intense and dynamic effects by applying directly with a brush. They are categorized as the bling that most of us have been craving without necessarily going too bling bling! It easy to appreciate the subtlety of this powder. 


Do you want to add sparkle to your life? Then, Slice of the Moon’s Cosmetic Glitter Powder should be your option. These glitter powders are completely safe for any cosmetic purpose, be it the addition of glitters to the eyes, body, hair, or even your favorite fizzy bath bomb for livening up your bath time. One unique character with these powders is that they are versatile, fun and incredibly brilliant. Thus, you can use them to put sparkle and shimmer at any part of the body as a straight sparkle powder of mixed in your favourite lotion.

If you want a fantastic way of adding some fun and variety to any of your mineral makeup, these glitter powders should be your priority. With them, you are poised to catch the attention of anyone you please. Slice of the Moon gives you three main types of these powders to choose from. They include crystal glitter, polyester glitter, and holographic glitter.These powders are precisely processed, are resistant against ultraviolet rays, and have unmatched quality. Other facts you should know about these glitters is that they have ultimate brilliance, precise cut, low specific weight, have no particle wraps and are more resistant when it comes to water-based systems. And, it goes that these powders are in a position of giving you whatever look you’re going for. Therefore, a combination of all your natural makeup and Slice of the Moon’s Glitter Powder gives you beautifying look for everyone’s desire.

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