Coloured Synthetic Mica

Synthetic mica powder is different from natural mineral mica in that it is made in the lab. Its natural characteristic is that, no mater what colour it is, it is vibrant.  Like natural mineral mica it can be used for cosmetics as well as crafts. It is a beautiful product that once explored and used may be difficult to do without.

Synthetic Mica Powder are very luminous and iridescent to look at. These  mica powders vary in a range of its particle sizes. Its particle size ranges from 10 to 700 microns. It means that there are some mica powders that will be smoother than others. The large size particle will discharge a sparkle and glitter like an appearance and look. If you are looking for a natural glitter, you will find in here. These mica powders are much softer, smoother and natural. These mica powders are especially suitable for makeup products and can be used around the delicate eye area. It gives a shimmering finish to the makeup. Synthetic mica is very smooth for makeup applications.

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