Black Mica Powder

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Black Mica Powder, Mineral Mica Powder, Cosmetic Grade Mica

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Note: This Black Mica powder has a luxurious black look. However, may look "dark charcoal grey" on the skin or when mixed in your medium.

  • Sizes available for purchase range from 15 grams to 1kg.
  • Particle size range is 10-60um.
  • Packed in clear, foil sealed, wide-mouthed, shatterproof container.
  • Natural mineral cosmetic mica powder.
  • Available in various colors.

Product Description

Black Mica powder, lives up to its name. It is nothing short of black when compacted in a container. However, it may look charcoal Grey when applied to the skin. This mica powder is a matte with a very slight shimmer. Black mica and Luster Black share the same particle size range of 10-60um. It is smooth, powdery and exquisite.


  • For creative applications. It is the best when it comes to screen printing, soap making, wood and metal projects including spraying cars.
  • It is perfect for resin paint, epoxy, artwork, etc.
  • Recommendable for cosmetic lip liner pencil. 
  • For car painting and detailing. 
  • Black Mica is the best powder for ceramics and glass works whereby you can use it for making of unique, intricate projects.