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How to Make Eyeshadow at Home with Black Mica Powder

Almost all women create attention to their eyes through the addition of color to the upper and the lower eyelids. However, the big question is, how many can make eyeshadow at their homes? Ancient Greece took eyeshadow as focus whereby the Greek women used to wear green and blue shades. These shades were the products of gemstones such as malachite and lapis lazuli. It is from these women that the custom was spread through the whole world. Currently, eyeshadow has maintained its feature as one of the essential elements found in the makeup kit of most women. To make eyeshadow at home, you must start with a base filler. And in this article, our base filler is Black Mica Powder....

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What Are Cosmetic Grade Micas?

Great confusion is a common thing when it comes to the definition of cosmetic grade micas. Its meaning varies from one individual to another. There are those who will define cosmetic grade micas powder as lab-made materials. The supporting information for this definition is their high degree of purity. Other than this, micas are defined as lab-made materials as little effort is applied while making them in the lab. However, none of this information is correct. Cosmetic grade micas are usually naturally mined materials,or lab made synthetics. As per the research, a number of these cosmetic grade micas are as a result of natural mining, as opposed to the synthetics which are readily available. In comparing the two, that is,...

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