Where to Buy Glitter Paint For Walls

One of the most significant changes that you can make to your room is the application of a glitter wall paint. And maybe you are that individual who has been after providing a multi-dimensional shimmer to your walls,but you don’t know where to start from. Worry no more!Slice of the Moon is the solution for your problem. It is a top-rated online wholesaler where you can buy quality glitter for your walls. If you want a Glitter Paint that is in a position of leaving behind a glittery shimmer, and the perfect brand for making an outstanding statement in your room, this is the place to visit.

Our glitter wall paints are the products of the non-toxic paint base commonly applied for pearlescent paints, glow paints and fluorescent paints. You can get them in a wide range of colors,and they can work best in a vast array of applications. At our stores, we offer three main types of Glitter Paints. The first one is the Holographic glitter paints which are the best when you want to give off a holographic effect to your room. The second is the Crystal glitter paints with a glass-like look. Finally, there is a glitter paint which is a product of polyester glitter particles. All these paints come with unique features as they are in a position of giving beautiful and unexpected finish for a great creative experience.

You can apply our glitter wall paint by either using a spray gun, roller or brush and they are easily cleaned up with soap and water. After application, you can wait for 1 hour for it to dry to touch or wait for 2-4 hours for fully dry.

Our Glitter Paint is the best for highlighting nooks. It is true that there are many areas within your home where this paint can give a good look at an accent. Amongst these places are the borders of nooks. These include the areas housing mirrors, house, art, books, and other decorative elements.  Our paints can act as a backdrop or as an accent border to the nook pieces.

 Also, our wall paint gives the best application when you are after bringing some luxury to your formal setting. You can find this in a formal dining area that is usually set off from the regular residing space. You can apply it in the whole room or one wall where the light will be in a position of playing off the glitter. Furthermore, you can use these paints on ceilings or use them as a border.

Hesitate no more! It is time to purchase our Glitter Wall Paint for the outstanding results. Just visit our online store and make an order.

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