What is The Role Of Synthetic Mica Powder in Rubber Making?

Are you the customer who has been asking what the main role of Synthetic Mica powder in rubber making? Worry no more! From this article, you’ll get to know some of the benefits associated with adding mica powder to the rubber.

Synthetic Mica powder can be defined as a non-metallic mineral product coming up with a wide range of benefits. However, the functions of this powder are not common to many people. Therefore, from this article, I will tell you the main benefits that result after using this powder as opposed to Natural Mica Powder in rubber making.

One of the essential performance features for many rubber products is the gas tightness of rubber. In this case, you will find that the commonly used include bladders, inner tubes, and many other life-saving appliances. Therefore, this is an indication that improving the airtightness of the rubber is one of the essential requirements. As a result, this is the point where Synthetic Mica powder plays a key role.

If you want to improve the airtightness of rubber, then you have no other option rather than going for this mica powder. Mostly, this product is expressed as a type of wet ground mica coming as a form of mica powder which features an excellent flaky crystal form. As a result, the powder works best when used in different materials.

When you use Synthetic Mica powder in rubber making, it forms a layered barrier inside. This barrier plays a significant role which is the main reason why it is used in making rubber.

When you compare Synthetic Mica powder with Natural Mica Powder, you will realize that the synthetic one features excellent features like:

  • It has a high purity exceeding 98%.
  • It has a small content of iron. Thus, it features high surface smoothness.
  • It features a high aspect ratio which exceeds 80.
  • Its particle size distribution is more concentrated.
  • It features high heat resistance ability going up to 1200 degree.
  • It features high whiteness which exceed 90.
  • It has excellent weather ability.
  • It is steadier than Natural Mica Powder and its quality it's controllable.
  • It does not feature heavy metal contents.
  • It features a non-radioactive background.
  • It facilitates long-term storage since its insensitive to the conditions.
  • It has excellent electrical insulation.
  • It has excellent transmittance starting from UV to IR.

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