What Are The Make Up Products You Can Make With Natural Mica Powder?

Mica is a common name representing the collection of silicate minerals. These minerals are in a position of being sparkled into powder and then applied in the beauty products. Thus,the main reason for mica’s second name as the “nature’s glitter.” It is true that different minerals are characterized with various colors starting from purple and white tone to pink and silver tone.

Natural Mica Powder is amongst the most famous mineral ingredients applied in cosmetics. It offers a wide range of uses when it comes to the addition of shimmer and sparkle. Usually, any product associated with the shimmer effect it is mica. This mineral is a common ingredient for the skincare products designed for creating a glowing effect. To be specific, it is a common ingredient on the brightening or the illuminating skin products. Other than this, mica becomes significant on many makeup products. Thus, we are going to discuss Mica in Makeup, the various makeup products that are due to mica mineral.

Eye Makeup Products

Eye makeup products are any products applied around the eye so to enhance their appearance in addition to emphasizing their beauty. In this case, we have products like eye-shadows, eye-brows, eye-liners and any other product capable of improving the eyes’ accent. The common eye products include:

  1. Mascaras

These are eye makeup products where Mica in Makeup becomes significant. These products enhance the eyes’ accent by either darkening, increasing the length or making the eyelashes thicker.

  1. Eye Makeup Remover

Eye makeup remover is usually intended to remove any applied makeup. They make this possible by using a cloth or a tissue.

  1. Eye Color

Color application on the eye becomes successful by using the eye color. This product improves and accents the eyes’ appearance.

  1. Eyeliner

Just like the eye color, eyeliner products are fit for application around the eyes to improve and highlight their appearance. Furthermore, these products emphasize the eyelids in addition to changing the eyes’ perceived shape.

  1. Eyebrow pencil

Mica in Makeup also become evident with eyebrow pencil products. These products fill in and define the eyebrows.

Facial Makeup Products

If you want to highlight and color the facial features, then facial makeup products are the best option. There are many products in this category as discussed:

  1. Concealers

These products cover up any skin imperfections on your face.

  1. Face powders

Another area where mica in makeup become most apparent is with the facial cosmetics. These products change the facial skin’s appearance.

  1. Foundations

These products color your face and conceal any blemishes to give a youthful and healthy impression.

  1. Cheek Color

Are held responsible for reddening the cheeks to give them a youthful look. 

  1. Lip Color

Finally, Mica in Makeup becomes significant with the lip color products which color and highlight the facial features.

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