What Are Cosmetic Grade Micas?

Great confusion is a common thing when it comes to the definition of cosmetic grade micas. Its meaning varies from one individual to another. There are those who will define cosmetic grade micas powder as lab-made materials. The supporting information for this definition is their high degree of purity. Other than this, micas are defined as lab-made materials as little effort is applied while making them in the lab. However, none of this information is correct.

Cosmetic grade micas are usually naturally mined materials,or lab made synthetics. As per the research, a number of these cosmetic grade micas are as a result of natural mining, as opposed to the synthetics which are readily available. In comparing the two, that is, natural cosmetic grade micas and synthetic (also known as fluorphlogopite), the naturally mined micas are cheaper.

However, synthetic micas emerge the best when it comes to their superiority. For purity, brightness level, clarity of color, synthetic micas are the mostly ranked. There are some who may ask whether the naturally mined Cosmetic Grade Mica Powder is natural. Yes, it is natural. This physical feature becomes significant in its uncolored state.

In many cases, the natural cosmetic grade mica is an off-white mineral characterized with brownish tones. For the realization of the bright color, pigment application is made using heat. Also, to obtain the desired color, different pigments and dyes are applied to the cosmetic grade micas. Since these colors are not natural, they are made naturally-identical in a lab.

The Cosmetic Grade Mica Powder can attain a particular level of purity through pigment application in the lab. This process explains the main reason why the colors for pigmentation are primarily carried out through a lab.  It is quite substantial for this color additives to meet the standards set aside by FDA, which another reason for pigmenting the cosmetic grade mica in the lab. The lab pigments are usually preferred for the coloring of the cosmetic grade micas as they meet the purity standards of FDA.

Cosmetic grade micas are to conform to some specifications as listed below;

  • Must penetrate a 100-mesh sieve.
  • Less than twenty parts per million of lead.
  • Less than three parts per million of arsenic.

For the particle size and the best mica for cosmetics, a naturally mined mica with a micron size of less than 150 is the preferred one. However, synthetic micas of any micron size are the best for cosmetics application.

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