Using Mica Powder on Glass – Is Your Mica High Heat Tolerant?

Mica is the most popular naturally occurring mineral that works best with most glass. You will find it in various colors, and it’s responsible for the luminous sheen upon addition to fused glass. Natural Mica Powder will retain its right color when exposed to temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. In this article, I am going to show you how you can use mica powder in your glass art work – specifically, fused glass.

To start with, you need to sketch out a pattern that you will apply in the fused glass art. Here, you need to account for both spaces while creating the design, that is, negative and positive space. Next, cut a piece of glass of dimensions of 8 by 8 inch and wash them carefully using alcohol. While doing this, check that you don’t have any oil in your hands.

Mix your Natural Mica Powder and alcohol on a glass dish up to a point where you don’t see any lumps in that mixture. Scrap this contents into a glass jar that you will use for spray painting or painting itself.

Then, you need to come up with a pattern onto the contact paper. Cut out your design so that you create only one-use stencil which will be stuck onto your fused glass. Here, it is vital to note that stickers give a nice pre-made alternative when you’re after designing a one-use stencil with a contact paper.

Now, you’re required to adhere your stencil to the fused glass. Next stage is even painting or spraying of the glass sheet that you covered in your contact paper with Natural Mica Powder mixture. After this, allow some time for the mixture to dry.

Remove the contact paper carefully. In this stage, you’ll realize that mica will remain in every other hole left in the stencil. Then, place your piece of fused glass to the already prepared glass kiln.

While on with the process, you should note that no mica fusing will take place after you have placed it in the kiln. Also, never place mica powder near glass edge, and if you place it between two glass layers, it will prevent these edges from fusing properly. When you cap it with clear glass, it’s definite to obtain an exciting and deep color. However, you should keep any capped mica a few centimeters from the glass edges when capped. Ensure that every fired object returns to room temperature conditions before you proceed to remove it from the kiln.

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