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How To Use Natural Mica Powders in Various Printing Systems

Mostly, Natural Mica Powder is used to add a ‘special’ effect in various printing systems. The Other being to used to add sheen to the design parts, commonly the background, many people use it to give a realistic effect to these printing systems. Cosmetic Mica Powder being a nearly transparent product, you need to print the base color first in the location covered with the powder to give the body a finished impression. After the undertone is done on the desired printing system, the next thing is to start the mica printing process. The first step requires you to brush glue over a block carved to match well with the area in which the Natural Mica Powder is going to...

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What Are The Make Up Products You Can Make With Natural Mica Powder?

Mica is a common name representing the collection of silicate minerals. These minerals are in a position of being sparkled into powder and then applied in the beauty products. Thus,the main reason for mica’s second name as the “nature’s glitter.” It is true that different minerals are characterized with various colors starting from purple and white tone to pink and silver tone. Natural Mica Powder is amongst the most famous mineral ingredients applied in cosmetics. It offers a wide range of uses when it comes to the addition of shimmer and sparkle. Usually, any product associated with the shimmer effect it is mica. This mineral is a common ingredient for the skincare products designed for creating a glowing effect. To...

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