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Using Mica Powder on Glass – Is Your Mica High Heat Tolerant?

Mica is the most popular naturally occurring mineral that works best with most glass. You will find it in various colors, and it’s responsible for the luminous sheen upon addition to fused glass. Natural Mica Powder will retain its right color when exposed to temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. In this article, I am going to show you how you can use mica powder in your glass art work – specifically, fused glass. To start with, you need to sketch out a pattern that you will apply in the fused glass art. Here, you need to account for both spaces while creating the design, that is, negative and positive space. Next, cut a piece of glass of dimensions...

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How To Use Amaranth Red Mica Powder in Epoxy Resin

It is true that the addition of touch color is amongst the simple techniques for getting the most from your epoxy resin. Color addition creates complexity and depth to the coats of any surface. Also, adding colored resin in between the layers produces a clear boundary mark which becomes even handier when sanding off the topcoat. Thus, the addition of a little color to any white or transparent epoxy resin is one way of achieving the desired effect. As a result, from this article, you will get tips on how you can use Amaranth Red Mica Powder in epoxy resin. Flashing Amaranth Mica Powder which is a soft, lightweight, and smooth powder that offers the best alternative for projects requiring...

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