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How To Use a Purple Mica Powder For Candle Making – Turn Regular Into a Luxury Product

Did you know that learning how to use a Purple Mica powder for candle making at home is an extreme case? It is evident for many people to rank a candle as a simple thing, but when properly lit, it can create a luxury feeling.  The atmosphere becomes even more conducive starting from its romantic look and smell. As a result, many of us are always twitterpated by a lovely and scented candle. Purple Mica powder, commonly known for its sparkle characteristics has a particle size ranging from 10 to 60 um. This size is the main reason for its smooth texture. Also, when applied to your creative works, it shimmers beautifully. A high shimmer factor becomes evident upon mixing...

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How To Make Colorful Lotions, Bath Salts And Scrubs With Colorful Mica

The Natural Mica Powder is amongst the popular minerals that have been around forever. It is a 100 % non-toxic mineral giving off a metallic and shimmery appearance. Mica Powders can be easily located in soaps, lotions, art supplies,and cosmetics. A magical glow becomes evident when you apply them to any creative work. Other than this, they are super versatile and offers a wide range of uses in different projects. In this article, I will share tips on how to make colorful lotions, bath salts,and scrubs with colorful mica. Below are the main steps on how to make this successful: Lotions Ingredients 5 ounces of jojoba oil 0 ounces of evening primrose oil 3 ounces of emulsifying wax 2 ounces...

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Try Natural Mineral Makeup Mica Powders for Your Natural Beauty

Slice of the moon offers you with a wide range of Natural Mineral Mica Powders for your Natural Beauty. These include Pearl Mica, Green Mica, Iridescent Mica, Purple Mica, Red Mica Bronze Mica, Gold Mica, Orange Mica, Silver Gray Mica, Black Mica, Brown Mica, Blue Mica, Yellow Mica, and Ruby Mica? Currently, you will observe that many women are more health conscious as compared to a long time back. The definite answer to this is the popularity of Natural Mineral Mica Powder. The other reason is that many women have realized the vast benefits associated with Cosmetic Mica Powder. Most women are now in a position of seeing the desired results and are after looking amazing and staying healthy. Do...

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