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Steps To keep in Mind When Using Mica Powder For Soap at Home

Natural Mica Powder plays a significant role in the whole world mostly when adding shimmer and color to the wide range of skin products. You can find this cosmetic mica powder in different particle sizes and in different variety of colors which makes it the best option to go for based on the formula requirements. Mica powder offers a significant use starting from the preparation of lip balms, lotions, mineral makeup products, creams,and body powder. Since a high proportion of minerals is a common feature with Natural Mica Powder, you will find it being applied as the best choice for making natural skin care products. Also, you will realize that a big percentage of the mica powder used by the...

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What is The Role Of Synthetic Mica Powder in Rubber Making?

Are you the customer who has been asking what the main role of Synthetic Mica powder in rubber making? Worry no more! From this article, you’ll get to know some of the benefits associated with adding mica powder to the rubber. Synthetic Mica powder can be defined as a non-metallic mineral product coming up with a wide range of benefits. However, the functions of this powder are not common to many people. Therefore, from this article, I will tell you the main benefits that result after using this powder as opposed to Natural Mica Powder in rubber making. One of the essential performance features for many rubber products is the gas tightness of rubber. In this case, you will find...

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How To Make Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow And Eyeliner

Do you want to want to create a line of mineral eye shadow and eyeliner? Then, you have to start by using a base of white mineral mica, boron nitride, titanium dioxide, sericite base or zinc oxide. For those who are after a low luster or a shimmer eyeliner or eyeshadow, then starting with the mineral mica like our Flashing Magic Blue Natural Mica Powder is most preferred. This Flashing Blue Mica Powder is entirely natural without traces of any chemicals. The main reason for using the minerals and the oxides is to enhance eyeshadows and eyeliners accompanied with long wearing quality shades. In many occasions, the application of the eyeliners become apparent by using a wet eyeliner brush. This...

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