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How To Use a Purple Mica Powder For Candle Making – Turn Regular Into a Luxury Product

Did you know that learning how to use a Purple Mica powder for candle making at home is an extreme case? It is evident for many people to rank a candle as a simple thing, but when properly lit, it can create a luxury feeling.  The atmosphere becomes even more conducive starting from its romantic look and smell. As a result, many of us are always twitterpated by a lovely and scented candle. Purple Mica powder, commonly known for its sparkle characteristics has a particle size ranging from 10 to 60 um. This size is the main reason for its smooth texture. Also, when applied to your creative works, it shimmers beautifully. A high shimmer factor becomes evident upon mixing...

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How to Use Magic Purple Mica Powder for Face Painting

Do you want to add an extra sparkle over your face paint? Do you need a staying power over your face paint that can withstand warm weather? Then Magic Purple Mica Powder is the best option. Also, this powder is the best choice if you are providing glitter tattoos as one of your daily services. When it comes to face painting, this powdery mica creates a magical addition. Its sparkle characteristics make it shimmer beautifully upon application in the creative projects. A high shimmer factor when mixed with mediums for nail polish and makeup makes it the best for face painting. Moreover, its smooth texture is as a result of the small particle size ranging from 10 to 60 um....

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