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How To Make Colorful Lotions, Bath Salts And Scrubs With Colorful Mica

The Natural Mica Powder is amongst the popular minerals that have been around forever. It is a 100 % non-toxic mineral giving off a metallic and shimmery appearance. Mica Powders can be easily located in soaps, lotions, art supplies,and cosmetics. A magical glow becomes evident when you apply them to any creative work. Other than this, they are super versatile and offers a wide range of uses in different projects. In this article, I will share tips on how to make colorful lotions, bath salts,and scrubs with colorful mica. Below are the main steps on how to make this successful: Lotions Ingredients 5 ounces of jojoba oil 0 ounces of evening primrose oil 3 ounces of emulsifying wax 2 ounces...

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How to Make Matte Nail Paint Using Cobalt Blue Mica Powder

The current trend leading in the fashion realm is matte nail paint. They are in a position of turning your natural look to sophisticated and chic. However, they can be such expensive that not everyone will wish to put his/her investments into the bottle of paint they cannot use again. It is true that matte topcoats are easily located at any place, but the problem arises when you are after a matte manicure, and you can’t identify any matte topcoat in your home. Fortunately, through this, I will expose you to some simple ways in which you can use our Cobalt Blue Mica Powder to make matte nail paint The first step to is to pour your nail polish base...

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