Steps To keep in Mind When Using Mica Powder For Soap at Home

Natural Mica Powder plays a significant role in the whole world mostly when adding shimmer and color to the wide range of skin products. You can find this cosmetic mica powder in different particle sizes and in different variety of colors which makes it the best option to go for based on the formula requirements.

Mica powder offers a significant use starting from the preparation of lip balms, lotions, mineral makeup products, creams,and body powder. Since a high proportion of minerals is a common feature with Natural Mica Powder, you will find it being applied as the best choice for making natural skin care products. Also, you will realize that a big percentage of the mica powder used by the manufactures when it comes to soap making process, is categorized to be more intricate than the case of a mineral powder. Mostly, a high proportion of mica powders while being coated with either iron oxides or titanium. The main purpose for this coating is to give the powder a multi-colored and complex color pigment.

Every manufacturer is always after showcasing his/her crafting creativity. And, the only way to achieve this, is to add cosmetic mica powder. All this is due to the fact the soap color plays an essential role in the addition of variety, attraction,and great interest. In this case, you will come across ingredients such as mica powder for soap, natural colorants, oxides, and liquid dyes which are vital for making the most natural colorants that in turn appeal the customer to buy. It becomes even more interesting through the fact that you can come up with your soap using only the components available at your home.

In the presence of glycerin, you will realize that blending of mica powder become enhanced quickly without dumping. And to make soap at home using glycerin, there are some steps you need to keep in mind. These are as follows:

  • Take approximately 1.15 cc scoops of the desired Natural Mica Powder and put it in a microwave safe glass container.
  • Add a quarter to half ml of glycerin to the container using a disposable tube.
  • Mix the contents with a butter knife and then stir them until well mixed.
  • Add 3 ounces of the clear melt and pour base of soap to the above contents. Melt this soap base by placing the container holding it in a microwave for around 20 seconds. You can repeat this if the need
  • Stir the mixture slowly, add fragrances and other additives. Pour the contents into a mold,and your soap is ready to use.

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