How To Use Peak Green Mica Powder In Soap Making

Peak Green Mica Powder is best described from its light moss green color. The small sized particles of this powder give it the subtle texture. It comes in a clear, reusable container for easy access. Mostly, the size available for purchase weighs 20grams. All these features are the main reason for the powder’s broad range of applications.

In this article, I will share tips on how to use this powder in soap making. It is true that the powder’s sparky appearance become evident upon application as the soap colorant. Moreover, its effect becomes even more subtle when used in cold process soap. Other than this powder adds a light sparkle, its final color is fantastic.

Since Peak Green Mica Powder does not dissolve in liquid, it is definite that it cannot migrate through the soap. This feature is an indication that any design realized will be characterized with well defined clean, crisp lines.

It is essential to note that adding the required amount of color to your soap is not such easy as you may think. For the best results, it is always recommended to start with a small amount and then increase after some time. Also, you should be aware that you are likely to get different results. In many occasions, the ingredients you use can change the color of your soap. Now let's see how to use Peak Green Mica in soap making:


 Cold process 

  • Mix one teaspoon of peak Green powder with one tablespoon of lightweight oil. Here you can use almond oil or avocado. For a larger batch of soap, use two teaspoons of the colorant and two tablespoons of the lightweight crude or three in each case.
  • Add one dispersed teaspoon for some time intervals until the peak green color gets realized. One dispersed teaspoon is the best option for every pound of soap.

Melt and Pour

  • Add the peak green powder directly to the melted soap and then stir. Upon the appearance of bubbles, spritz them with alcohol and continue mixing.  There is no limitation in this case. You can also use even half teaspoon per pound of your soap.
  • Mix only one teaspoon of the powder with one tablespoon of isopropyl alcohol. Next, add a quarter teaspoon of dispersed color to your melted soap up to where you get the peak green color. Through this method, color mixing becomes fast.

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