How to Use Orange UV Fluorescent Powder for Wildlife Tracking

Orange UV Fluorescent Powder tracking gives the exact movement and is, therefore, the best method for discovering how wild animals moves through their environment. Other this, fluorescent powder is an inexpensive and invasive product that can be performed successfully with only little training. Application of this powder on the surface of a wild animal is an underused technique for obtaining data related to its movement patterns.

This type of tracking method gives a good alternative when you want to obtain data for small mammals. As a result, it offers a significant use when you are after obtaining details on habitat use and population sizes. In many cases, Orange UV Fluorescent Powder tracking has been put into use for tracking wild animals like turtles, anurans, urodeles, Rothermel, Grayson, and lizards, Fox and Stark. Also, this is the best option to go for if you want to track snakes.

Previously, radio transmitters and bobbin thread were the popular methods for tracking snakes. But, these methods are no more encouraged due to their shortcomings. When compared to the fluorescent powder, mass, and bulk associated with the radio transmitter give an energetic challenge, mostly for small snakes. Typically, the radio transmitter is a process entailing invasive surgery which requires one to go for training before applying it. Furthermore, any general anesthetic always comes with a death risk when it is not handled as per the requirements. However, the only benefit associated with transmitters is the long-term tracking possibilities.

The fluorescent powder gives the exact information as for the thread trails, but it does not alter the behavior of a wildlife animal significantly. In this article, I will share tips on how to use Orange UV Fluorescent Powder to track rodents. This powder is highly effective when you want to monitor the activity of rodents in every setting.

When the rodent gets its way to a station, fluorescent powder coats its fur. Through this, you can gather extremely accurate information involving the animals’ location from where it becomes easier to trace its movement up to 900m. This distance gives you detailed data on the manipulated objects, climbed plants, entered burrows and the eaten items. Below are the main steps on how to make this possible:

  • First, go for a dust mask and gloves.
  • Before placing the fluorescent powder in the bait station, cut a piece of paper and place it under this station. This process is vital as it eliminates any fallen pigments which can give false trails.
  • Place the powder in the area where you suspect the rodent activity to take place.
  • Remove the paper using water and soap.

That is all! Purchase Orange UV fluorescent Powder from our online store and put this process into practice.

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