How To Use Natural Mica Powders in Various Printing Systems

Mostly, Natural Mica Powder is used to add a ‘special’ effect in various printing systems. The Other being to used to add sheen to the design parts, commonly the background, many people use it to give a realistic effect to these printing systems.

Cosmetic Mica Powder being a nearly transparent product, you need to print the base color first in the location covered with the powder to give the body a finished impression. After the undertone is done on the desired printing system, the next thing is to start the mica printing process.

The first step requires you to brush glue over a block carved to match well with the area in which the Natural Mica Powder is going to appear. You may want to increase the iridescent effect of this area,and the only way to make this possible is to mix a small amount of the desired Cosmetic Mica Powder into the glue.

Apply a very gentle pressure to print your mixture onto the paper. Make this possible by using a baren. While on the process of doing this, never drive it down into the selected paper. In this case, you are only required to get the glue layer directly on the surface of the paper. As an option, you can decide to cut a stencil of the desired shape and then place it over the print’s surface. After this, brush the glue lightly onto the paper.

For the two processes involving glue application, once you get the glue on the paper, the next thing is to pick some Natural Mica Powder from the container using a soft brush and then dust it lightly over the glued area. You should not be stressed about the issue of ‘going over the lines.’ Also, there is a second option for making this step possible without the need for a brush. Here, you are only required to drop small portions of the mica powder onto the print’s face. Next, is to ensure that the powder is falling in the proper place and you can make this possible by picking up the sheet in two hands and then rolling it back and forth.

After covering the desired area, dust off any excess powder using a soft brush. There are chances for the mica powder to stick in the wrong places and this explains why mica printing process is done as the final step. Allow the paper to dry so that you caneasily brush off any excess powder. Use a clean sheet of paper to cover the print and then press the remaining mica powder lightly into the place to set it into the glue. Dry the print in a normal.

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