How to Use Magic Purple Mica Powder for Face Painting

Do you want to add an extra sparkle over your face paint? Do you need a staying power over your face paint that can withstand warm weather? Then Magic Purple Mica Powder is the best option. Also, this powder is the best choice if you are providing glitter tattoos as one of your daily services.

When it comes to face painting, this powdery mica creates a magical addition. Its sparkle characteristics make it shimmer beautifully upon application in the creative projects. A high shimmer factor when mixed with mediums for nail polish and makeup makes it the best for face painting. Moreover, its smooth texture is as a result of the small particle size ranging from 10 to 60 um.

Face painting is one of the applications in the cosmetics work mainly dedicated to the face and eye makeup. Other than this, it gives a vital role in making up games and costumes for your children in addition to preparing them fancy makeup. We have different types of face painting methods which include; stars, Batman, princess, Dracula, butterfly, spider man, and hearts face painting.

For beautiful face makeup, this painting method is the best alternative. Surprise your kids, teach them to make up and even prepare for any costume party or carnival.

When using this powdery mica product for face painting, use a smoothie blender. This method gives way to a smooth and even application over the designs and face. You can also apply it on the top of the face paint for the addition of shimmer effect, highlighting or for shading purposes. Furthermore, the powdery product offers a significant use when making mica tattoos whereby you can use it on top of the dry glitter glue.

While applying face paint, always take keen by ensuring that you don’t have any skin infections or allergies. Also, it is very vital to present the face colors on a clean towel. Having a plentiful water supply for washing of sponges and brushes between the faces is another essential requirement. In many cases, face paints are to be applied directly to clean, dry skin. Therefore, never use any moisturizer or cream to your skin before starting the process.

Applying the base color first by use of a damp sponge is also recommendable. The sponge should not be too wet. Confirm this by squeezing out any available water. The process ensures that the final product is not sticky.

Using Magic Purple Mica Powder is such an exciting activity that you should try. Never miss a chance this round! Purchase the product at a favorable price from our store and enjoy this creative application!

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