How To Use Green Mica in Card Making

It is true that green is the color that balances the earth and its truth is radiated by Green Mica Powder. And from this article, I am going to show you how you can use this powder to enhance the look of your cards. Through this powder, a smooth look and feel accompanied with a great sparkle will be the final results when you use green mica in card making.

To start with, when using green mica powder in card making, the first step is to add a small portion of it to a paint palette. Next, add a few drops of water and mix thoroughly. A little amount of water will go a long way.

Then, use the above mixture to color your stamped images for a pearlescent shimmer. Also, you should not waste your mixture,and this can be enhanced by using a brush. Never throw away the excess mixture. Even if there are high chances of it to dry, you can revive it at any time by spritzing it with a little amount of water and use it again for your creative application.

Do you that it’s such easy to change the layout of your embossing? Make this possible through the addition of green Natural Mica Powder to this embossing and come up with a unique green shade. After this, emboss using a heat gun.

Add a portion of green mica to a spritzer bottle. Then, add a little amount of water and shake it up thoroughly. Now, add a different look to your papers by spraying over them from a short distance. You can spritz any flower too! Through this, you create a good look accompanied with a little shimmer. Also, avoid throwing away any excess contents. You can shake them up to redistribute the green mica for another use.

There is also another alternative for using green mica in card making. Here, you cover a plain card using a Versamark Ink pad and then use a brush to dust a small portion of the Natural Mica Powder on to it.

Next, blend the above contents for a realization of a pleasing effect. It is vital to go to a maximum of three colors and avoid over blending as this will make them blur and lose the desired appeal.

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