How to Use Black Mica Powder for Soap Making

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started learning how to use Black Mica Powder for soap making. This powder is nothing short of black, and it is beauty. It is a common mica mineral product due to its smooth, exquisite and powdery features. Also, the powder has a particle size ranging from 10-60um. The components of this powder include hydrogen, magnesium, oxygen, aluminum, iron, and silicon.  Flaky consistency is another feature that distinguishes this powder from other mica powders.

Black Mica Powder comes from minerals known to have a layered, and fragile crystalline look. Other than this, these minerals are the main reason for the metallic and pearlescent look of the powder. Furthermore, the coatings of the product, that is, titanium dioxide or iron oxides are other features that give the mica product a complex and multi-layered color. The powder is also a vibrant, deep hue that sparkles and can readily mix with different colors.

When mixed with soap bases, a pearlescent look and sheen become everyday observations. The most obvious benefit of using Black Mica Powder as the soap colorant is that it is effortless to generate soaps of various colors since bleeding of the colors is not realized.

Since the powder relies on reflected light, it offers a significant work in transparent soaps such as melt and pours. Around a half teaspoonful per pound of soap is the best place to start when making soap using this powder. The step is essential in creating a gorgeous pearlescent impact. In the experiment section, you are to combine this soap portion with other colorants. Just a bit of Black Mica Powder is the recommended amount in a swirl and not the full bar.

You will observe that, for a too hot melt and pour base;the powder will sink to the bottom. However, continue with the swirling process up to the step where the soap starts to thicken up.

Other than using this powder for melt and pour soap, it also works best for process soap. But, you need to conduct a small test batch by testing a bit of this powder in a little amount of lye water. If the color shifts, then don’t use it. For the cold processed soap with high ph, the colors are mostly observed to be unstable.

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